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Linguistics and Grammar Teaching


The starting point for the creation of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory was the cooperation of Michalis Georgiafentis and Angeliki Tsokoglou, which began in the academic year 2017-18 on the basis of their shared research interests and evolved firstly, in the research programme "Linguistics and Teaching of Grammar" and, subsequently, in the eponymous Laboratory.

The Laboratory seeks to develop collaborations with established research centres abroad focusing on the relationship between Linguistics and Teaching as well as the cooperation with institutions in Greece for research and educational purposes. Moreover, it aims to organise scientific conferences/meetings and workshops, training workshops for teachers of primary and secondary education as well as to create open access educational material for students and teachers of schools.

In the academic years 2019-20 and 2022-23, the programme received funding from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens via the Special Account for Research Grants within the framework of the University research programme “Supporting research, educational and operational requirements of the University”, the products of which include the institutionalization of the first Interdisciplinary Laboratory of the School of Philosophy "Linguistics and Teaching of Grammar", as well as the creation of the present website among others. For the creation and hosting of the website, we would like to thank the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Network Operations and Management Centre, and the Directorate of Publications and Editions – in particular, Ms Eleni Pastra, who has designed the creative part of the website.

More information on the research activities of the Laboratory and the project is presented on the following pages.

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